Top Myths about Laser Rejuvenation

Lasers have brought about one of the biggest revolutions in the world of skincare. After all, very few could have visualized that skin could be improved by lasers and not get scarred or burnt by them. There are many people who still feel that they are scientific and high-tech devices that are used in laboratories or on battlefields and have given rise to many myths in the field of beauty and cosmetics.

Home based laser products are equally effective as spa based products

There are many manufacturers who are now into a production of home based laser tools and market them as equally effective as spa treatments. But, though you may find some sort of improvement in your complexion, there may not be any dramatic changes. It will take some time to experience the difference. On the other hand, there are some professional tools that can help in producing significant outcomes after just a single treatment. These tools are much more effective than the home-based devices and that is the reason why only professionals in an aesthetic clinic can use them.

Topical creams have the same effect as lasers

Most of the times, makers of cosmetic serums and topical creams do not need to prove that they are equally as powerful as laser treatments. They do not have the ability to penetrate deep into your skin as lasers can, in many cases. To date, no topical creams are known to resurface skin similar to a laser.

Skin rejuvenation through laser is not safe

Though some element of risk is involved in all procedures, skin treatments through laser in an aesthetic clinic in Singapore are relatively safer. Procedures for laser rejuvenation should undergo a sequence of clinical trials to prove they are effective and safe prior to getting the required approvals. But it is imperative that the staff that is doing the treatment should be well trained in the process of laser treatment. It is also important for them to do a proper skin assessment prior to making up our mind on the kind of laser treatment you should go for to get the best outcomes and has the minimum side effect.

Lasers may cause cancer as it produces radiation

It is a myth since cosmetic lasers do not produce radiation. The lasers used in the treatment of skin related problems are regarded as safe since there cannot be any radiation at that wavelength. Lasers used for rejuvenation just affect your skin and do not penetrate deeper.

Use of lasers is not proven and is a new technology

It was way back in the sixties that lasers were first used for skin treatment. Initially, lasers were used for treating melanoma and the technology was later used for removing tattoos. So, contrary to common perception, laser treatments are not new.