Open Your House to Guests not Pests: Keep Common Pests Away with these Tips

Pests – your first reaction is to squash them if they’re tiny or run for help when they look menacing. Regardless of the measures you take, pests come back. They seem to have more lives than a cat. Even when you kill them in large numbers they show up after a brief stint of absence. Pest control companies in Singapore list out these helpful tips to make the house a no-pest-land.

  • Clean your floors. It does not matter if you’re a working professional or a college student, if you have dirty floors, you’re inviting pests like ants and roaches for an extended slumber party. If you cannot clean the floor every day, twice a week should do. Kitchen surfaces must be cleaned regularly.
  • Keep flying bugs away by using a bug spray. If you don’t have one at home, as a temporary fix, use a hair spray. No hair spray, use a deodorant instead. While aiming at the bug, ensure that you spray away from any live flame. You want to kill the flying bug, not engage in pyro-tricks.
  • When you have an ant problem, an easy fix is to mix sugar and borax. This toxic mix can kill the entire army of ants. To prepare this deadly mixture – mix equal amounts of borax and sugar and drop it strategically on the floor. You can also sprinkle the mixture along the baseboards and foundation.
  • The only thing cute about rats is Jerry and his little nephew; the others are just disease carriers. If you’re experiencing a rodent menace, don’t plant trees near your house. These conniving pests can climb up the tress and access your house through windows or the roof.
  • A place that most pests call home is the drain. Ensure that you clean the drains weekly. There are drain cleaners available in all supermarkets. Just pouring down boiling water may not be enough.
  • Store food in closed containers. Many insects are attracted to the smell of food. Take out the trash when it reaches the limit of over-flow. Seal the trash bags before you dump it outside.
  • Inspect the house regularly to identify signs of infestation. You may be taking all the precautions but if you overlook the first signs of pest infestation, it may be too late.

When nothing else works, who do you call? Pest busters!